If you are looking to purchase, sell, or manage your commercial property, AESI is your Environmental Solutions Provider.

You entrust us with a great deal of responsibility. We provide unique, full-service environmental consulting and project management to ensure your continued success. We have worked in over 45 states, completed over 1600 projects nationwide for over 600 clients, and were presented with the "2005 Environmental Excellence Award" by the NJ Business and Industry Association.


▲ Real Estate Professionals
▲ Commercial and Retail
▲ Land Developers
▲ Industrial Establishments
▲ Law Firms
▲ Real Estate Investment Trusts
▲ Investment Partnerships
▲ Property Management
▲ Financial Institutions
▲ Architects and Engineers
▲ General Contractors
▲ more...


▲ Property Condition Assessments
▲ Environmental Site Assessments
▲ Asbestos Surveys and O&M Plans
▲ ISRA Compliance
▲ Due Diligence & Investigations
▲ Site & Remedial Investigations
▲ Remedial Action Workplans & Remediation
▲ Underground Storage Tank Compliance
▲ Groundwater Investigations and Remediation
▲ Hazardous Waste Management
▲ Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
▲ Wetlands, Stormwater & NPDES Permitting
▲ more...