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Our Background

During the last 11 years, Atlantic Environmental Solutions, Inc. (AESI) has provided full service environmental consulting and environmental contracting for Foot Locker, Inc. at 635 locations including: distribution offices, corporate offices, retail stores, data centers and miscellaneous properties from their former divisions, F.W. Woolworth Co. and Woolco & Kinney Shoes. The Foot Locker work is uniquely similar to the work that the USPS is contracting because they both operate well over 1,000 locations along the east coast, most of which entail a mixture of retail operations(where customers are present), storage and distribution areas. Additionally, all locations have a potential need for multiple environmental services at each location, particularly: asbestos & lead based paint surveys; Underground Storage Tank (UST)compliance; Mold & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) surveys; Abatement Coordination and Oversight; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Health & Safety Plan (HASP) Preparation and Emergency Response Actions, Remediation Services and Phase I and II Environmental Assessments. AESI has performed these and additional environmental services at Foot Locker locations across 42 states, plus Canada, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, with the following states having the most locations:

TX - 133
NY – 95
FL – 60
PA – 38
NJ – 35
VA – 133
CA – 95
IL – 60
OH – 38
LA - 35
MD – 133
MA – 95
GA – 60
MS – 38
HI - 35
CT – 133
CO – 95
Puerto Rico – 60
Canada - 38
Virgin Islands – 35