Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

AESI employs multiple Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP), which makes us uniquely qualified to assist clients with a variety of issues. We have provided expert testimony and litigation support on multiple environmental matters, and separately, routinely co-teach a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class for attorneys on environmental due diligence. Importantly, we perform environmental due diligence services at industrial and commercial properties in New Jersey and New York, and can speak with experience to the standard of care of the industry. Specific types of cases include municipal land use, condemnations, Responsible Party designation, and cost engineering. Our wide variety of expert experience also crosses the many forums where matters are processed including trials, mediation, municipal boards, depositions, etc.

AESI performs a wide variety of expert appearances on behalf of and in front of community and city boards and government entities. Cases typically involve the remediation and cleanup of contaminated property in order to ready the property for its upcoming redevelopment and reuse. AESI’s experts typically testify with regards to the government requirements that must be met prior to the property’s reuse. By providing knowledge of site conditions, investigation and remediation needs, and cost, Boards and property owners are guided with clear direction and the lowest cost to achieve the applicable environmental requirements. Typical cases include service stations, dealerships, factories, schools, offices, residences, and various governmental and private properties.

With the rise in use of Eminent Domain by government agencies looking to boost the socio-economic value of otherwise perceived idle property, property owners who become the condemnee, or entity whose property has been condemned or is about to be expropriated, are susceptible to environmental investigation. Per due diligence and State requirements, the government agency, or the condemnor, is required to perform environmental investigations and bestow recommendations on the property in order to meet governmental regulations required for the upcoming use on the property. AESI speeds and guides the condemnation process by offering expertise on the required and applicable environmental regulations, thus determining further investigation and remediation needs that are appropriate for the property. Thus, from an environmental perspective, the condemnation case is quickly processed with greater cost efficiency and knowhow.


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